Introduction: The Quran and Nature's God

Major Theme of the Quran

In this luminous expedition of humankind's persistent strife against the deceits of Lucifer, we shall delve into three vital aspects that bear the key to our spiritual deliverance. The opening segment shall center on the cosmic clash between Lucifer and the Children of Adam, bringing to light the genesis of the conflict and the enormous risks involved. The second part shall touch on the indispensable constituents of the divine covenant, accentuating the significance of ecospirituality, religious naturalism, and spiritual naturalism in preserving the Earth and abiding by our hallowed duties or "salat." Lastly, in the third portion, we shall scrutinize Lucifer's deceptive maneuvers in exploiting and dominating humanity, exposing the pressing need for vigilance and resoluteness when confronting such perils.

The Luminous Journey Within:
Unveiling the Essence of Our True Nature

In the following account, we are offered a deep understanding of humanity's ongoing struggle against the machinations of Lucifer. It is a narrative that illuminates the crucial aspects of our spiritual journey, revealing the path to our ultimate salvation.

The Divine has woven a profound mystery that connects us all in the tapestry of existence. The Quran guides us through the cosmic dance of light and darkness, revealing the nature of the connection between humanity and the Divine. This article delves into the interplay between the two, as well as the enigmatic figure of Lucifer, in order to reveal the inner journey that defines our existence.

At the center of this mystery lies the essence of God, the Eternal Energy that sustains all life and permeates the entire universe. God is the Light that illuminates our path and dispels the darkness of ignorance, as the Quran beautifully describes in verse 24:35. This divine energy radiates within each of us, as we are both light upon light - positive and negative, forming a perfect balance in our quest for spiritual harmony.

Yet, the distractions of the material world can often cloud our perception, leaving us disconnected from our true nature. It is only through a journey within ourselves, as described in verse 53:1-15, that we can transcend this illusory veil and uncover the eternal connection we share with the Divine.

In the celestial realm, the figure of Lucifer emerges as the leader of angels (verse 2:30). Created from fire or light (verses 18:50 and 15:27), Lucifer's radiance is unparalleled, yet pride leads him to forget that he, too, is light upon light, a manifestation of the Divine. This tragic forgetfulness sets the stage for a cosmic conflict, as God creates mankind from the earth (verse 15:28) with the intention of making them the Kings on Earth (verses 2:30 and 15:29-30).

All angels, including Lucifer, are commanded to prostrate before mankind in recognition of their inherent nobility (verse 15:30). However, Lucifer refuses (verses 15:31-33), arrogantly asserting his superiority and challenging God's decision to elevate humanity (verses 2:30 and 2:34). Consequently, Lucifer becomes the enemy of mankind and the Children of Adam.

Fueled by his pride and resentment, Lucifer vows to mislead humanity, seeking to prove that God's decision to make mankind the Kings on Earth was flawed. In this struggle between light and darkness, the stage is set for a profound spiritual journey - one that transcends the material world and delves into the depths of our souls.

As we embark on this luminous journey within, we must remember that our true nature is a reflection of the Divine Light. By embracing our innate connection to God, we can rise above the illusion of this world and reclaim our rightful place as the Kings on Earth. In doing so, we can overcome the challenges posed by Lucifer and fulfill our divine purpose, shining as beacons of light in the vast expanse of the cosmos.

Embracing the Covenant of Ecospirituality:
A Journey Towards Harmony with Nature and the Divine

As we pursue our examination of the interdependence between humanity, the Divine, and the environment, a tale of a holy contract unfolds. This agreement, extended by God to the mountains, the earth, and the heavens, symbolizes an immense responsibility and trust (verses 33:72-73). Although these mighty forces of nature declined to bear this obligation out of dread of failure, mankind, in their audacity and bravery, voluntarily took on the divine stewardship (verses 33:72-73).

By accepting this covenant, humanity was bestowed with the power to be the Kings on Earth, equipped with the gift of free will and liberty (verse 2:30). The heart of this covenant lies in the upholding of Sunnatullah or Natural Law, and the repudiation of ideologies born from humanism and relativism. It serves as a reminder that we cannot walk with God while holding hands with Satan simultaneously (verse 7:172).

The covenant also stresses the importance of embracing ecospirituality as the only true religion, transcending differences between naturalism, ecospiritualism, religious naturalism, and spiritual naturalism. This unified worldview summons humanity to shield and preserve natural rights, as well as safeguarding the Earth for future generations. As the old saying goes, "We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."

Within the holy verses of the Quran (7:172 and 3:64), this covenant functions as the solitary and ultimate constitution for humanity, outlining the guidelines for preserving a naturalistic way of life. The covenant can be divided into three fundamental sections, as described in verses 60:8-9.

The first section of the covenant demands the protection of inalienable rights (verse 60:9), underscoring the intrinsic value and dignity of every living being. The second section emphasizes the importance of safeguarding our ancestral lands, recognizing the importance of nurturing a healthy relationship with our ancestor and the environment. Finally, the third part of the covenant urges us to desist from engaging in political jurisprudence and supporting rule by law, as these human-made systems can often lead to the subversion of natural rights and ecological balance.

To conclude, the holy covenant extended to mankind serves as a powerful reminder of our duty to uphold the principles of ecospirituality and our interconnectedness with the Divine and the natural world. By embracing this covenant and endeavoring to live in harmony with the Sunnatullah or Natural Law, we can create a world where inalienable rights are protected, the Earth is cherished, and the luminous essence of our true nature shines brilliantly in the cosmic dance of existence.

The Battle for Humanity's Soul:
Embracing Ecospirituality in the Face of Lucifer's Deceptions

In the never-ending strife between Lucifer and the Children of Adam, it is imperative to comprehend the wiles employed by this shrewd adversary. Lucifer, having pledged war against Adam and his lineage (verses 15:36-43), has cunningly employed humanism to lead humanity astray (verse 7:20).

Lucifer's first stratagem is the might of hierarchy, symbolized metaphorically as a star (verse 6:76). This strength represents the Law and Economic School of Jurisprudence, which frequently elevates the interests of the privileged over the necessities of the masses, inciting conflict and fostering inequality.

The second ploy in Lucifer's arsenal is the strength of division, symbolized by the moon (verse 6:77). This power corresponds to the Historical/Sociological School of Jurisprudence, which perpetuates schisms by emphasizing differences among various cultures, religions, and social groups.

The third and final weapon brandished by Lucifer is the force of materialism and consumerism, symbolized by the sun (verse 6:78). This power represents the Analytical Jurisprudence, which often reduces the worth of life to mere possessions, breeding greed and covetousness.

By these deceitful values of life, Lucifer succeeded in leading Adam and Eve astray (verses 7:10-25). Consequently, humanity was sentenced to exist in this simulated world, having failed to preserve the Earth and honor the divine covenant.

To reclaim our birthright and reinstate balance to the world, mankind must espouse the tenets of ecospirituality as delineated in the sacred covenant. This course necessitates us to preserve the Earth in accordance with the covenant's principles. Those who excel in this endeavor will be admitted to Heaven, while those who neglect these holy duties will be subjected to the ramifications of their actions in Hell.

In conclusion, humanity finds itself at a crucial juncture. We can either continue to fall prey to the artifices of Lucifer, perpetuating a world of hierarchy, division, and materialism, or we can choose to embrace the divine covenant of ecospirituality. By doing so, we can repossess our true purpose as the Children of Adam and guardians of the Earth, ushering in an era of harmony, justice, and communion with the Divine Oneness.


Humanity finds itself at a crucial juncture. We can either continue to fall prey to the artifices of Lucifer, perpetuating a world of hierarchy, division, and materialism, or we can choose to embrace the divine covenant of ecospirituality. By doing so, we can repossess our true purpose as the Children of Adam and guardians of the Earth, ushering in an era of harmony, justice, and communion with the Divine Oneness.