One God/Good

The Global Charter of Ecospirituality

In times when people must reaffirm their connection to nature and assume equal rights and responsible stewardship, it is necessary to declare the reasons behind this commitment: We believe that all beings are interconnected and have unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and Harmony with Nature. To secure these rights, institutions and societies are formed with the consent of the governed, based on the Laws of Nature and Nature's God.

Article 1: Moral Absolutism Principles

(1) The Non-Cooperation and Non-Association Movement

To strengthen rights through social distancing, preserving civil disobedience for the common good.

(a) Encourage withdrawal from those violating these principles.

(b) Focus on safeguarding individual rights, including freewill and freedom.

(c) Attend to property ownership rights, ancestral lands, and cultural heritage preservation.

(d) Consider individual duties, protect minority rights, and promote civil disobedience.

(2) The Rule of Law

All individuals have the right to preserve their natural liberty, governed solely by the Law of Nature.

(3) The Divine Kingship: Leadership for the Advancement of Natural Rights

Acknowledge leaders who advocate for natural beliefs as guidance for assessing leadership qualifications.

(a) Unite all individuals upholding natural rights, fostering inclusivity and justice beyond personal beliefs.

(b) Overlook differences between spiritual, ethical, and philosophical teachings to promote inclusivity and respect.

(c) Prioritize unity between natural rights supporters and detractors by avoiding division through non-cooperation and non-association.

(d) Facilitate collaboration among diverse belief systems to achieve justice, harmony, and reverence for nature.

(e) Actively apply natural rights and moral absolutism principles to establish a unified, just, and harmonious world.

Article 2: Non-Amendability

This Charter's provisions shall not be amended, ensuring the preservation of its principles and values.

Article 3: Metaphysical Interpretation Methodology

Acknowledge that this Charter and all jurisprudential texts shall be interpreted through the lens of metaphysical interpretation methodology, emphasizing the principles of trust, natural selection, and the promotion of natural rights, justice, and harmony.


We declare that the inhabitants of this planet are entitled to their natural rights, environmental protection, and responsible stewardship. All institutions should be guided by Ecospirituality principles.

We pledge our Lives, Fortunes, and sacred Honor to support this Declaration and commit to preserving the natural world, promoting peace, justice, equality, and a harmonious, sustainable future.

Done at [Location], this [Date] day of [Month], [Year].

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