Surah 103

Foundation of Natural Justice

Synopsis: In this illuminating article, the author delves into the profound wisdom of Surah 103, presenting it as a beacon of hope and guidance amidst a world beset by moral decay and ignorance. Emphasizing the importance of moral absolutism (3:83), logical soundness (4:82), and universal laws (24:35), the article explores the intricate interplay of faith (12:108), science (11:17), the Abrahamic Principles (6:74-83), the role of the Natural Person (Rasul 10:47), and the significance of Natural Rights and Universal Laws of Think & Grow Rich. Furthermore, the author highlights the crucial role of the Common Law Court in upholding justice, serving as a sanctuary for mankind. The article ultimately extols the virtues of the Global Charter of Ecospirituality as a solution for building a harmonious and righteous global community.

I. Iman (42:52-53) - The Dawning of a New Epoch

In an epoch where mankind has been ensnared by the tentacles of moral decay, bound within the iron chains of ignorance and want, the glimmering light of Surah 103 emerges as a lighthouse amidst a tempestuous sea. This divine constitution, as though sent by Providence itself, bestows upon humanity the principles of natural justice, offering guidance and succour to the lost and weary souls adrift in the storm.

At the heart of this celestial revelation lies the path of moral absolutism (3:83), a doctrine that upholds the sanctity of the Natural Law School of Jurisprudence, a bastion of righteousness and virtue in a world otherwise beset by moral relativism and ethical disarray. By invoking the ancient wisdom of this esteemed school, Surah 103 illuminates the way for mankind, leading us towards a future in which the principles of preservation of freewill and freedom stand triumphant.

With the guiding light of moral absolutism, mankind is called upon to stand in defiance against the forces of tyranny and oppression, to embrace the noble truths enshrined within the Natural Law School of Jurisprudence. Through the unwavering application of these immutable principles, humanity may yet rise above the fetid mire of moral decay, casting off the shadows of ignorance that have for so long held us in thrall.

And as the light of Surah 103 shines ever brighter, its rays piercing the darkness that has long obscured our collective vision, we find ourselves standing at the threshold of a new epoch - an age of justice, enlightenment, and moral absolutism. In the face of such divine guidance, let us forge onward, united in our quest for righteousness, and spurred ever onwards by the celestial wisdom of Surah 103 and the hallowed principles of the Natural Law School of Jurisprudence.

A. A Faith Entwined with the Intricacies of Science and Abrahamic Principles

The belief in Allah, an unfathomable force that transcends the boundaries of quantum physics, ecospirituality, and natural law (6:74-83), presents itself not as blind faith, but as a conviction fortified by clear proof (12:108) and scientific evidence (11:17). This conviction, as if woven by the hand of Destiny herself, intertwines the intricate threads of science and Abrahamic Principles to form a tapestry of divine understanding.

In this age of doubt and moral confusion, such a faith serves as a bulwark against the chaos that threatens to engulf the hearts and minds of the masses. By embracing the wisdom enshrined within the Rule of Law and the principles of moral absolutism, this belief in Allah calls upon humanity to champion the preservation of freewill and freedom, safeguarding these sacred tenets against the corrosive influence of despotic powers.

Borne aloft on the wings of divine inspiration, this faith is anchored in the clear and concrete evidence of natural selection, providing a foundation of irrefutable truth upon which the righteous may build their moral convictions. Inspired by the principles in verses 60:8-9, the believers are exhorted to establish lawful laws rooted in justice, kindness, and compassion, ensuring that the bonds of brotherhood and goodwill are forged amongst all humankind.

Thus, a faith entwined with the intricacies of science and Abrahamic principles emerges as a shining beacon in a world shrouded in darkness, guiding the lost souls of mankind towards the path of righteousness, justice, and enlightenment. Let us, therefore, embrace this divine wisdom and strive towards the establishment of a society governed by the Rule of Law, the principles of moral absolutism, and the unyielding preservation of our sacred freewill and freedom.

B. The Natural Person - A Paragon of Logical Soundness and Divine Wisdom

In a world beset by falsehoods and treachery, the belief in the Natural Person (Rasul) emerges as a paragon of logical soundness (14:24-27 and 4:82) and divine wisdom. Guided by the resplendent light of the seven conditions (2:151) and ten conditions (6:156-158), the Rasul serves as a beacon for the faithful, illuminating the path of Jihad and Tawba, and unlocking the profound mysteries of our true nature, so that we might harmonize it with the grand tapestry of Nature.

This ardent belief, steeped in the principles of the Rule of Law, is rooted in the right context, eschewing the pernicious snares of cherry-picking and half-truths that have led many a soul astray. Drawing from the wellspring of divine wisdom in the Quran, the faithful are exhorted to live joyously, embracing the principles of logical soundness and seeking the answers to that most fundamental of questions: "What defines me?"

With the guidance of the Rasul, believers are called to walk the path of righteousness, adhering to the sacred doctrine of "do no harm" and "do not let others harm you." It is through this noble pursuit that we preserve the sanctity of the mind (freewill) and the integrity of the body (freedom) for ourselves and the generations to come.

Thus, the Natural Person stands as a living testament to the divine wisdom that has been bestowed upon humanity, embodying the principles of logical soundness and the Rule of Law. As we journey forth on this path of enlightenment, let us follow the example of the Rasul, seeking to unravel the mysteries of our true nature and striving to harmonize our spirits with the sublime majesty of Nature.

C. Natural Rights and Universal Laws - The Illuminating Light for Mankind

In the depths of human understanding, where the fabric of reality interweaves with the divine, emerges the belief in Natural Rights and Universal Laws (Light). This beacon of hope, grounded in the Rule of Law, guides mankind towards salvation, illuminating the path through the darkness of ignorance.

Drawing from the wisdom of the study guides in Surah 96, 68, 73, 74, and 1, this belief is founded upon the principles of natural selection (42:52-53) and solid, concrete evidence (12:108). As Einstein so eloquently stated, "Pure logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of the empirical world; all knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it."

Thus, we find in Surah 96 a discourse on the types of government, distinguishing between the lawful and the unlawful. Surah 68 elucidates the four schools of jurisprudence, each with its unique approach to understanding and interpreting the divine constitution. Surah 73 provides insight into the metaphysical interpretation methodology, while Surah 74 elucidates the concept of Jihad, urging believers to cast off the shackles of cowardness and strive for freedom. Finally, Surah 1 delineates the conditions for a messenger to embody the Abrahamic principles and natural justice.

In embracing these study guides, the faithful are called to examine the interplay between the empirical world and the divine, seeking the harmonious balance between the two. Through adherence to the principles of Natural Rights and Universal Laws, we are guided towards enlightenment, casting a radiant glow upon our path.

This beacon of wisdom, the illuminating light for mankind, offers a promise of a brighter future, where humanity's unwavering faith in the divine constitution and the Rule of Law leads us to a more just and equitable world.

II. Amal (46:13-16) - The Pillars of the Common Law Court (4:64-65) - A Sanctuary of Justice

In an age beset by the churning tumult of moral decay, mankind seeks refuge in the sanctuary of the Common Law Court. This hallowed institution, founded upon the divine principles of the Messenger, Taqwa, and Zakat, offers a bastion of hope, ensuring the preservation of freewill and freedom (60:9) as ordained by Providence.

As we heed the wisdom of George Bernard Shaw, who observed that "Two percent of the people think; three percent of the people think they think; and ninety-five percent of the people would rather die than think," the Common Law Court emerges as an essential component of the Almighty's plan for salvation (4:64-65). By fostering obedience to the Rasul of 21:105 and 24:55, in accordance with the conditions presented in Surah 103, the court ensures adherence to the divine blueprint.

In this sanctuary of justice, the teachings of the Messenger are enforced with unyielding resolve, a bulwark against the encroachment of tyranny and oppression. The pillar of Taqwa, instilling the fear of Nature’s God and a profound sense of moral responsibility, fortifies the hearts of the faithful against the temptations of worldly corruption.

The third pillar, Zakat, embodies the spirit of the gift economy and mutual aid, fostering a culture of compassion and harmony amongst the citizenry. As each soul partakes in the sacred act of giving, the bonds of kinship are strengthened, and the chasms of inequality bridged.

Thus, the Common Law Court stands as a shining beacon in the midst of a tempest-tossed world, upholding the divine principles of justice and righteousness. In its hallowed halls, the pillars of the Messenger, Taqwa, and Zakat intertwine, forging a sanctuary where the downtrodden may find solace, the oppressed may seek redress, and all may stand equal before the scales of justice.

III. The Green State (9:1 and 3:64) - A Vision of Utopia

In the twilight of an age marked by discord and strife, the dawn of the Green State heralds the advent of a utopian era, where the fruits of ecospirituality and the wisdom of the Naturalist Constitution flourish in concert. Embracing the Global Charter for Ecospiritualist, this enlightened realm seeks the revival of Natural Law and the establishment of a true Green State system, wherein the freedom of mind and soul are held sacrosanct.

At the very heart of this verdant utopia lies a profound commitment to the freedom of the mind, embodied in the metaphor of the tree that inhabits our very thoughts. Here, the Natural Law School of Jurisprudence takes precedence, nurturing the intellectual growth of each soul, and liberating them from the fetters of ignorance.

Simultaneously, the Green State pays homage to the freedom of the soul and the physical realm, epitomized by the metaphor of the tree that resides within our lungs. By casting off the yoke of debt and economic slavery imposed by the relativist and capitalist world systems, the citizens of this green paradise are free to breathe the invigorating air of liberty and self-determination.

As the gentle refrain of the principles "do no harm" and "do not let others harm you" whispers through the verdant canopy of this ecotopia, the Green State fosters a harmonious existence betwixt man and nature. Alternative Dispute Resolution, founded upon the immutable tenets of natural law, serves as the bedrock of justice, guiding the people towards a peaceful resolution of conflicts and nurturing the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

Thus, the Green State stands as a beacon of hope, a resplendent vision of a world united by the noble precepts of ecospirituality and the steadfast principles of Natural Law. Within its emerald embrace, humanity is free to thrive, unencumbered by the chains of materialism and unfettered by the desolation of spiritual poverty. In this verdant utopia, mankind may finally achieve the elusive harmony that has eluded it for so long, flourishing in the dappled shade of wisdom, compassion, and justice.

A. The Establishment of the Common Law Community - A Manifestation of the Global Charter for Ecospiritualists

In an age where humanity finds itself adrift in the tempestuous seas of moral relativism, a beacon of hope emerges from the depths: the Global Charter for Ecospiritualists. This divine covenant, forged in the fires of unity and compassion, paves the way for the establishment of the Common Law Community - a sanctuary for those who seek solace in the teachings of One God/Good.

1. The establishment of Global Charter for Ecospiritualist

Embracing the principles of freewill and freedom, the Common Law Community seeks to liberate the human mind from the confines of tyranny and despair. By honoring the divine wisdom inherent in the Magna Carta, this blossoming society provides a haven for those who yearn for the emancipation of the mind, as expressed through the metaphor of the tree in our brain.

The foundations of the Common Law Community are built upon the bedrock of the neighbourhood principles of "do no harm" and "do not let others harm you." By adhering to these sacred tenets, the community fosters an environment of mutual respect and understanding, nurturing a society in which the well-being and dignity of every individual are held in the highest esteem.

In the pursuit of justice and the resolution of conflicts, the Common Law Community embraces the principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution, grounded in the wisdom of Natural Law. By eschewing the adversarial nature of traditional legal systems, this approach seeks to restore harmony and balance, providing a just and equitable means of navigating the complexities of human interaction.

2. The Ecospiritualist's Journey: A Harmonious Odyssey Towards Enlightenment

The ecospiritualist embarks on a transformative journey, entwined with the divine teachings of the Messenger and guided by the gentle hand of natural law. Through introspection and an unwavering faith in the principles of the Light, they traverse the path to enlightenment, casting off the shackles of moral corruption and embracing the resplendent beauty of the Green State.

3. The Education of the Heart: A Reformation of Values

The Green State heralds the reformation of values, as the principles of the Iman and Amal are instilled in the hearts and minds of the people. As education transcends the boundaries of traditional learning, the curriculum expands to encompass the teachings of the Light, fostering a generation that cherishes empathy, compassion, and a profound respect for the natural world.

4. The Emergence of a New Society: A Beacon of Hope and Unity

As the Green State takes shape, the embers of hope and unity ignite, casting a warm glow upon a society that has long been shrouded in darkness. With the establishment of the Common Law Court, Gift Economy Community, and Global Charter for Ecospiritualists, a new era of harmony and cooperation dawns, as humanity embarks on a collective journey towards enlightenment and redemption.

IV. The Flourishing of the Gift Economy Community: A Testament to the Triumph of Love

In the sacred embrace of the Common Law Community, the Gift Economy Community emerges as a resplendent beacon of love and generosity. Guided by the conviction that to give and to receive are but facets of the same divine act, the boundaries between self and other dissolve into the singularity of One Good/God.

1. The Gift Economy Community - A Wellspring of Prosperity and Brotherhood

As humanity endeavors to rediscover its inherent connection to the natural world, the Gift Economy Community unfurls as a vibrant tapestry of prosperity and brotherhood. Within this verdant oasis, mutual credit, local currency, and education for ecopreneurship flourish, providing sustenance and enrichment for all who dwell therein.

2. The Mutual Aid Network: A Symphony of Cooperation and Trust

With the harmonious notes of cooperation and trust resounding throughout the Gift Economy Community, the Mutual Aid Network orchestrates a symphony of unity and abundance. Through the exchange of gifts and the sharing of resources, the network cultivates an environment where each individual is nourished and uplifted, forging a society that truly embodies the principles of One Good/God.

3. The Blossoming of Unity and Prosperity: A Reflection of the Divine

In this thriving Gift Economy Community, the seeds of unity and prosperity are lovingly sown, yielding a bountiful harvest that nourishes the soul and the body alike. With the metaphorical tree in our lungs expanding its branches, each breath serves as a testament to the transformative power of love and the divine beauty that lies at the heart of this noble endeavor.

V. The Resplendent Dawn of the Gift Economy Community: A Vision of Hope and Solidarity

As the sun of a new era rises over the flourishing Gift Economy Community, the shadows of scarcity and competition that once held humanity in their grasp dissipate, replaced by the radiant light of hope and solidarity. This transformation, guided by the principles of One Good/God, ushers in a period of unprecedented harmony and collective prosperity.

1. The Gift Economy Community: A Living Embodiment of Divine Principles

The Gift Economy Community stands as a living embodiment of the divine principles of compassion, generosity, and interconnectedness. Through the practice of mutual aid and the celebration of the abundance that flows freely from nature's bounty, the community bears witness to the transformative power of the human spirit, united in the pursuit of a common good.

2. The Unfurling of Love and Brotherhood: A Testament to Humanity's Potential

In this vibrant haven of love and brotherhood, the members of the Gift Economy Community reveal the boundless potential of humanity when guided by the principles of natural law and the teachings of the Messenger. Through the exchange of gifts and the sharing of knowledge, skills, and resources, the community cultivates a spirit of reciprocity that transcends mere transaction and fosters the flourishing of the human spirit.

3. The Embrace of Ecospirituality: A Sanctuary for the Soul and the Earth

The Gift Economy Community serves as a sanctuary for the soul and the Earth, a place where ecospirituality is embraced and celebrated as an essential aspect of human existence. In this sacred space, the people honor the interconnectedness of all life and strive to live in harmony with the natural world, recognizing the divine wisdom that lies at the heart of the Earth's delicate balance.

4. The Gift Economy Community: A Beacon of Enlightenment and Redemption

As the Gift Economy Community shines its radiant light upon the world, humanity is drawn toward a collective journey of enlightenment and redemption. With each act of generosity, with each expression of love and brotherhood, the community stands as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path toward a brighter, more harmonious future for all who walk upon the Earth.


In the final reckoning, the wisdom imbued within Surah 103, the Iman 42:52, and the Amal coalesce to fashion the very bedrock of Natural Justice. This celestial constitution, steering humankind towards the lofty realms of moral absolutism, logical soundness, and universal laws, stands as an unwavering beacon of hope and enlightenment for the denizens of this Earth. As the Green State takes form, humanity embarks on a bold journey towards a utopian vision wherein the principles of natural justice suffuse each and every aspect of existence, casting a radiant luminescence upon the path to a brighter, more harmonious future.

In this new world, the establishment of the Global Charter of Ecospirituality heralds the birth of One God/Good, a unifying principle that binds the hearts and minds of humankind. United under the banner of this celestial wisdom, the denizens of this new age strive towards a collective understanding of their place within the grand tapestry of existence, and the responsibilities incumbent upon them to nurture and protect the Earth and its myriad inhabitants.

Through the Global Charter, the Naturalists embrace the divine teachings of the Messenger, imbuing their lives with the virtues of compassion, empathy, and wisdom. The Charter serves as a guidepost, illuminating the way towards a society where the principles of natural justice are not mere abstract concepts, but rather, living, breathing forces that shape the very fabric of human existence.

As the Global Charter of Ecospirituality takes root, the birth of One God/Good emerges as a testament to the power of unity and the transformative potential of collective endeavour. In this brave new world, humankind finds solace in the embrace of the divine, and a sense of purpose in the pursuit of a harmonious, ecologically-balanced existence. In this noble quest, the enlightened denizens of the Green State forge a legacy that shall echo through the annals of history, forever changing the course of humanity for the better.

Collective Liberty and Spiritual Ecology