Surah 96

Embracing the Natural Law in a World of Relativism

Surah 96, also known as Al-'Alaq (The Clot), offers a powerful insight into the ongoing conflict between naturalism and statism, as well as the implications of humanism and relativism in our understanding of law and justice. This article explores the significance of Surah 96 in the context of the various schools of jurisprudence, the importance of studying the law of nature, and the challenges posed by deviating ideologies. It also underscores the need to adhere to the principles of natural law and the rule of law in order to create a just and equitable society.

God as Nature's God and the Foundation of Natural Truth:

Surah 96 opens with a resounding proclamation that God is Nature's God, the very foundation of natural truth and the ultimate source of natural law. This absolute truth serves as a guiding principle for humanity's understanding of law, justice, and the rule of law.

Studying the Law of Nature and the Smallest of Matter:

Verses 1 to 6 of Surah 96 call for a deep exploration of the law of nature, extending to the minutest particles of matter, such as the Higgs boson. This pursuit of knowledge reveals the fundamental truth that everything is Energy or Light, and that God is the source of all existence. This understanding forms the basis for a true definition of law and the rule of law.

The Deviation from Natural Truth and the Rise of Humanism and Relativism:

Surah 96 delves into the problematic ideologies of humanism and relativism, as propagated by the Analytical School of Jurisprudence, the Historical/Sociological Jurisprudence, and the Law & Economic School of Jurisprudence, in verses 6 to 18. These schools promote a distorted understanding of truth, justice, and governance, relying on propaganda and logical fallacies to establish their authority. Through the metaphors of the star, moon, and sun (in verses 6:76-78), they advocate for a hierarchical, divisive, and materialistic approach to governance.

Challenging the Legality of Statutory Laws and the Rise of Forced Justice:

The deviating ideologies in Surah 96 also challenge the legality of statutory laws, as they are imposed by those who rely on forced justice to compel compliance with their demands. Despite their inability to prove the legitimacy of these laws, these ideologies continue to exert control over society, perpetuating a system of false justice.

Reaffirming the Study of Natural Law and Complete Obedience to the Rule of Law:

Verse 19 of Surah 96 serves as a powerful reminder to study the truth derived from the law of nature and to obey the natural law completely for good karma. This reaffirmation encourages a harmonious existence in accordance with the natural flow of life, as eloquently expressed by Lao Tzu: "Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force."


Surah 96 presents a compelling argument for the importance of embracing natural law and the rule of law in a world beset by humanism, relativism, and deviating ideologies. By studying the law of nature and adhering to its principles, we can create a just, equitable, and harmonious society that respects the inherent truth and wisdom of the natural world.

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