Surah 73

Metaphysical Approach to Quranic Interpretation

In Surah 73, or Al-Muzzammil (The Enshrouded One), lies great insight into the philosohpical and interpretation methodology of the Quran, emphasizing the importance of a metaphysical approach that seeks harmony between God's word and God's world. This article delves into the depths of Surah 73, analyzing the conflict of interpretation methodology of the Quran, emphasizing natural law, and stressing the importance of metaphysical understanding when interpreting holy scriptures.

Surah 73 and the Foundations of Quranic Interpretation:

Surah 73 stresses the importance of understanding the Quran through a metaphysical lens, emphasizing the need to recognize the harmony between God's word and God's world. It follows the foundational principles established in Surah 96 (Types of Government) and Surah 68 (Social Contract and Legitimacy). Deviating from this metaphysical approach is considered shirk, or associating partners with God; 75:19, 11:17, 4:82 and 6:150.

Rising from False Self and Cowardice (Verses 1-9):

Verses 1-9 of Surah 73 call on believers to rise above their false selves and cowardice, symbolized by the "cloak" of ignorance. The Quran provides guidance on the correct interpretation methodology through Surahs 96, 68, 73, 74, and 1. The major premise of verse 75:19 emphasizes that it is the responsibility of nature and natural rights to clarify the Quran. Verse 6:150 warns against making this interpretation methodology haram, and verse 11:17 defines the Quran as the formulation of sunnatullah (Natural Science, Law of Nature, Metaphysics; What is Reality?), Rasul (Formal Science, Natural Person, Epistemology; What is Knowledge?), and the ordain given to Moses in verses 7:156-158 for reaching tawbatan nasoohan or enlightenment (Social Science, Natural Rights, Axiology; What is Value?).

The formulation for the metaphysical interpretation methodology is as follows:

Soundess = Validity + Truth

Soundness (Natural Law/Rights, Social Science, Morality, Natural Law)

= Validity (Natural Science, Law of Nature, Metaphysics; What is Reality?)

+ Truth (Formal Science, Natural Person, Epistemology; What is Knowledge?, the balance between the left and right brain)

In this context, "darkness" in Verses 1-9 of Surah 68 symbolizes "hardship." The Quran is not proof, but a series of claims that need to be verified through iman and amal (faith and action). Believers must take actions and strive to free themselves from false selves and cowardice.

Remaining Patient and Letting Go of Illusion of Control (Verses 10-14):

Verses 10-14 of Surah 73 encourage believers to remain focus and patient, and let go of the illusion of control. Revenge should not be sought hastily, as God will use karma to punish opponents; 60:8-9.

Rising to the Level of a Rasul (Verses 15-19):

Verses 15-19 of Surah 73 call for believers to elevate themselves to the level of a Rasul (Messenger, Expert Witness) according to the seven conditions stated in verses 2:151 and 6:158. A rasul is an Earth Jurist who teaches the distinction between fact and opinion, reality and illusion, rule of law and rule by law, lawful and legal, and natural justice and forced justice. Rasuls are those living by the rule of law (One God) and striving against Statism or Pharaonist Movements, such as the Analytical School of Jurisprudence, the Historical/Sociological School of Jurisprudence, and the Law and Economic School of Jurisprudence.

Rearranging the Major and Minor Premises of the Quran (Verse 20):

Chapter 73 of the Quran, or Al-Muzzammil (The Enshrouded One), contains a sagacious counsel for the faithful who seek to rearrange the major and minor premises of this holy text. In verse 20, it is advised to begin with the easier ones and gradually work towards the more difficult ones. This rearrangement can enable believers to take control of their lives, stand up for natural rights, contribute towards the betterment of society, and dedicate their entire existence to Allah, Sunnatullah, Law of Nature, and Natural Rights. This is the essence of Tawheed.


Surah 73 serves as a beacon of guidance for the faithful who seek a metaphysical approach to comprehend and interpret the Quran. This chapter emphasizes the importance of natural law, the necessity of overcoming false selves and cowardice, the value of patience, and the aspiration to attain the status of a rasul. By adhering to this metaphysical interpretation methodology, believers can attain a profound comprehension of the Quran and contribute to the establishment of a society that is just and founded on natural law and rights.

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